Monday, February 22, 2016

We Haven't Done Enough

Storm Water, Long a Nuisance, May be a Parched California’s Salvation"

“Something that was once viewed as a nuisance is now seen as a necessity,” 
said Eric M. Garcetti, the mayor of Los Angeles. 
We haven’t done enough…"

Neither has Portland, Oregon.

Mayor Garcetti’s quote is from the New York Times Article, “Storm Water, Long a Nuisance, May be a Parched California’s Salvation.” It encouraged me to bring to the fore, again, our proposal to making surface parking lots, absorb water (spongy), cut pollution to the Willamette River, and shade our citizens in this period of climate change. It’s a fundamental concept that needs to take hold at the highest levels. 

"For nearly a century, since deadly floods in 1938 killed 97 people, engineers have focused on ways to flush storm water safely out of Los Angeles as quickly as possible. Now, officials want to capture that water…he outlined policy intended to press Los Angeles to increase the amount of storm water captured, to 50 billion gallons by 2035 from 8.8 billion gallons now...

I intend to re-engineer the water system again to keep water here.”
Article in the New York Times